OurBacon Street Logo Mission

Our mission is to provide services to young peopleand families affected by substance abuse and/or mental health issues.  Bacon Street utilizes evidence-based practices to assure quality assessment of problems, and attention tothe “whole person” in working with individuals and their families. Bacon Street is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501-C3 not-for-profit organization, and as such all donations to Bacon Street are fully tax-deductible.




At Bacon Street, we believe in the ability of families to meet the needs of their children, and recognizes that research shows clearly that services to assist young people who are affected by substance abuse are more effective when parents are included.


What’s in a name…

Bacon Street was opened in 1971 under the name Drug Action Center by a group of concerned citizens in Williamsburg.  The newly formed organization, located in a small house on Bacon Avenue, enthusiastically welcomed local youth into its living room.

The name “Drug Action Center” did not resonate with kids, so after some lengthy discussion, in 1974 it was decided to name the organization after the street on which it was located.  Noting that the street sign on the corner said “Bacon Street,” staff formally adopted this name.  It wasn’t until some time later that someone noticed the street sign on the other end of the short road identified it as “Bacon Avenue.”  Staff consulted with the City of Williamsburg to find out which name was correct, and was told that “Bacon Avenue” was in fact the correct name.

The City of Williamsburg changed the incorrect sign to read “Bacon Avenue,” but the new organization, which was now becoming recognized in town as “Bacon Street,” elected to keep the name it still bears today.  In 1989, Bacon Street moved its offices to 247 McLaws Circle, where it resides today.