Our Services

At Bacon Street Youth and Family Services we are passionate about supporting families. For close to 45 years we have served adolescents and families dealing with substance abuse through treatment and prevention programs. As a family focused provider, our counseling services extend to family members affected by and involved in the youth’s counseling and/or recovery needs. The program engages youth and their families in a process of measuring the extent of the young person’s substance abuse, educating the family about substance abuse, providing the individual client and family with activities to allow for the development of new behaviors, and opportunities to address other disorders which may be co-occurring with substance abuse. At Bacon Street Youth and Family Services, we truly understand how scary and overwhelming adolescent substance abuse issues are and we are here to help, free of judgment and full of compassion.

Our mission to “to provide service to young people and families affected by substance abuse and/or mental health issues” is centered on mentorship, advocacy, support, healing, listening, and empathy. We work to build lifelong relationships with the communities we serve and focus on healing for the entire family during the treatment process.

What makes Bacon Street unique?  Here are a few things that make us stand out:

  • Our treatment services are always focused on the family
  • We treat the entire problem
  • More than an arm of the justice system
  • Build relationships that last a lifetime
  • Only organization that uses a unique treatment model for adolescents