How Bacon Street Can Collaborate with Schools

Did you know what we can collaborate with schools in several ways? Keep reading to learn what services we can offer to the local schools in our service areas!

School Counselors, Social Workers (plus Teachers, Admin, and Staff):

Bacon Street Youth and Family Services Clinical Director, Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC, can provide training on how to recognize “warning signs” for students who may be using/abusing a substance; provide training and information on substance abuse, co-occurring mental health issues and other mental health diagnoses such as: trauma, grief/loss and traumatic grief, depression, anxiety, stress and stress management, healthy boundaries, bullying behaviors, coping with deployed parent(s), helping students cope with divorced/separating parents, self-harming behaviors such as cutting, students on the spectrum (particularly high functioning students), and students with sensory integration disorder. Providing information on the benefits of mindfulness programs in the schools (improved attendance, improved positive behaviors and decreased “negative behaviors” improved concentration, improved test scores, and grades, and increased overall school success (graduation rates).** 

She can help teachers learn effective de-escalation skills and how to create a “trauma-informed” classroom environment.

Student Services:

With permission of school admin and/or teacher I am open to going into classrooms or having my clinicians go into classrooms to work within the classroom to assist a student who is disruptive to help develop an effective plan to help the student. 

Clinicians* or Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC (with parent and school consent) can come into schools to provide individual and/or group counseling for students struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health issues. We provide clinical counseling using evidenced-based models such as Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and using and teaching skills from Trauma-Informed Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (TF-DBT). Having worked in a school setting for 3 years and having taught and supervised School Counselors, Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC understands the school environment and academic needs for all involved and would provide groups during lunch or lunch/recess and collaborate with teachers so that no one student would miss any one class on a regular basis. Parents would be provided with informed consent forms and signed copies would be kept at both Bacon Street and school if the school would like to keep a copy for their own records. Parents would agree to allow Bacon Street to bill for individual counseling and group counseling services. Bacon Street offers scholarships to families who cannot afford treatment for their child/children.

Parent Focused Services

Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC, or one of Bacon Street’s trained clinicians, can meet with parent groups to provide parents with accurate information and to answer their questions re: substance abuse and mental health issues. Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC, or a Bacon Street Clinician can address parents in large groups, such as “Back-to-School Night,” speak to PTA members-at-large, speak with and participate in PTA Board meetings and events. Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC can provide parent education on the above topics including parenting skills and effective communication skills.** 

*Clinicians are Licensed Mental Health Providers (LPCs, LCSWs, LMFTs or are Residents-in-Counseling under the Clinical Supervision of Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC). All clinicians have passed background checks as required by law in order to work with students under 18 yrs. of age. 

** Public speaking and training topics listed above are not exhaustive. If you have a particular topic in mind, please contact me for more information. 

Interested in bringing Bacon Street into your school? Here is how:

Use our online referral form located below. This must be filled out with a parent or legal guardian’s permission and email it to Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC.  She will review it and assign it to one of her clinicians who calls and schedules intake in one of our offices and collects insurance information. At that time they’ll explain to student and parents or legal guardians how the process works. Clinicians will coordinate with the school and see the student for a session in school, during the school day but not interfering with learning. The clinician may also sit in certain classes where the student displays challenging behaviors in order to help the student and work with a teacher on strategies to manage behaviors. 

A parent or legal guardian can initiate the process by calling and scheduling an appointment or submitting the referral form below to Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC. If they call to schedule the initial appointment they need to let the person answering the phone that they prefer, if possible, for their child to be seen at school. We can only work in schools that have given us permission.

In both scenarios, we will bill private insurance and Medicaid. If the student has neither of these (and assuming it’s not a private pay such as cash, credit card) then the student/ family may qualify for our Scholarship, which reduces the fee to $10 to $35 or complete waiver of fees. 
Student/family may also qualify for free services under the Journey Home Project if the student has unstable housing or is homeless, and student or family member struggling with substance abouse.

Ready to make a referral? Please use the form below.

Thank you for your interest in how Bacon Street Youth and Family Services can provide assistance to you, your staff, parents, children, and our shared communities. 

About Dr. Lynn Bañez, Ph.D., LPC

Our Clinical Director, Dr. Lynn Bañez, comes to Bacon Street with an extensive background in the field of mental health with over 20+ years of experience as a counselor educator and clinical practitioner. Dr. Bañez held her own practice in CT where she counseled individuals, couples, and families. She has experience counseling people struggling with substance abuse and underlying issues, such as trauma, as well as helping the people who love them. Committed to providing quality mental health services, Dr. Bañez integrates the use of Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. She is dedicated to advocating for and educating consumers of mental health services in order to help obtain the best services for themselves or their loved ones.

Dr. Bañez received her PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Kent State University as well as her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her areas of concentration in her doctoral program were in Group Work and Multicultural Counseling. In her personal life, she shares a passion for Pokemon with her daughter who is currently attending graduate school in Japan. Dr. Bañez is a part of her church’s bell choir, and she also sings and chants in Latin in a small acapella ensemble in the church’s Schola Cantorum. When she’s not ringing and singing she relaxes by playing video games and watching TV, including anime, manga, and Dr. Who. Dr. Bañez is excited to join Bacon Street in helping our community’s youth and their families.