Bob Coleman Community Champions

Substance abuse not only takes a toll on physical and mental health, but also has a serious negative impact on the economy and workforce. Employees who are struggling with their own or their child’s drug use are more likely to take significant time off work and may be distracted during work hours.

Business and corporate leaders can help invest in families, their communities — and their own workers — by joining our annual corporate giving program. With an annual gift of $2,000, you will become a member of the Community Champions.

To recognize your investment, you will receive your business name on the donor wall in our Williamsburg office; inclusion in the Bacon Street annual report; recognition at our annual gala; and a certificate of appreciation to proudly display for your customers, clients, and employees.  You will also be eligible for NAP Credits, when they are available, before they offered to other donors.

Contact Jenn Daley, Development Director, to discuss your gift and membership in the Community Champions corporate giving circle.

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Editorial: Another cost of opioid addiction: fewer workers (The Virginian Pilot, 7/26/2018)