About us

Our Mission:

Bacon Street Youth and Family Services provides prevention, education, and counseling to youth, their families, and our community, resulting in their living a life free of substance use challenges.

Our Vision:

Empowering youth and their families to live free of substance use challenges.

Our History:

At Bacon Street, we are passionate about supporting families. For over 48 years we have served adolescents and families dealing with substance abuse through treatment and prevention programs. Our mission is centered around mentorship, advocacy, support, healing, listening, and empathy. We work to build lifelong relationships with the communities we serve and focus on healing for the entire family during treatment. At Bacon Street, we truly understand how scary and overwhelming adolescent substance abuse issues are and we are here to help, free of judgment and full of compassion.

Our Core Values:

  • Compassionate:  We are respectful and non-judgmental in our engagement with youth, families, and the community.  It is evident in every activity we do, in the interactions we have with families and youth, in the way we work strategically, and how we fundraise and maintain relationships with donors.
  • Innovative: responsive to the needs of the community as they present themselves, creative in our approach, dynamic and flexible in implementation, reflective of the highest ethical and programmatic standards of practice, fiscally and programmatically transparent and accountable
  • Impactful: empowering, resiliency driven are included here, strengths-based approaches, the work we do is making a difference and we can PROVE it.
  • Holistic: We are youth centered and family focused. The vehicle to becoming youth-centered is to be family focused.  It always comes back to the family and how the family supports the youth, and the youth is the center of what we do.  This drives our decisions related to policy and advocacy work, our clinical approach, our prevention strategies, and our values related to collaboration and community efforts.
  • Collaborative:  Bacon Street believes that the problems associated with the use and misuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs cannot be addressed in isolation. Schools, parents, religious groups, healthcare and law enforcement professionals, businesses, and other community organizations and agencies all have a role to play. Collaboration is key to addressing this problem.
  • Accountable: We believe that Bacon Street must be an agency that demonstrates the highest degree of accountability to our staff, our clients, our funders and the community at large. We demonstrate this through continuously measuring and evaluating our performance in all sectors of our work, by producing detailed reports that are regularly shared with all of our stakeholders, being transparent in all of our programming, involvement of our Board, and through sound financial stewardship.

Our Board of Directors, 2019-2020

Harrison Gibbs, President

Robert Balascio, Treasurer

Romeo Lumaban, Secretary

Members at Large

Jake Lambert

Kevin Martin

Jack Wickens