How You Can Help Bridge the Gap for Uninsured Families

Bacon Street is one of the few agencies in the greater Williamsburg area that provides mental health and substance use treatment services for youth, and we are the only agency providing a holistic approach to youth and family support — and we’ve been doing so since 1971.  

Our outpatient treatment program is seen as a family-friendly, cost-effective alternative to long-term inpatient care. Last year, 932 youth and their family members received evidence-based, trauma-informed counseling from our clinicians.

But what happens when a family comes to us, desperate for help, and they simply can’t afford to pay out of pocket?  

For many families who are struggling financially without insurance, the cost of clinical services can be prohibitive. With the expansion of Medicaid in the state of Virginia, many more families qualify for coverage but getting enrolled can be problematic, and it can take some time. Until they receive coverage through Medicaid, they can still come to Bacon Street Youth and Family Services to receive counseling services. Donations cover the entire cost of their counseling session, making it possible for them to seek help when they need it, regardless of whether they have insurance or not.

Should a family lose their health insurance coverage for any reason, donations are used to cover the entire cost of their counseling sessions. They never have to worry about where to turn for help, or worry about how the loss of their insurance will impact their ability to receive much-needed counseling services for their child. 

Our counseling services have shown success and given parents relief in finding help for their child. As one parent said, “Sometimes you can do everything right as a parent, and it’s just not enough,” adds the Bacon Street mother. “Sometimes you can do everything right as a parent, and it’s just not enough. Your child is suffering. You’re thrown into chaos and fear. This isn’t a matter of ‘kids will be kids.’ It’s a battle for your child’s life.”And we will fight for every child who walks through our doors to ensure that they receive the help and clinical services that they need.

The point is, we will never turn a client away, regardless of their ability to pay. Because we believe everyone deserves a bright future.

This year on #GivingTuesday, we are asking for the community’s help so we can continue to offer help and hope to the youth and families across our region by providing these clinical services. And right now, your gift will be doubled through the generosity of an anonymous donor. Dollar for dollar, every single gift on #GivingTuesday will be matched to ensure a bright future for our youth — free of substance use.  

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