Self-care for parents

Taking the time to care for yourself is immensely important as a parent. Children’s needs are a constant task and often parents put their own needs on the back burner. It is unfortunately true that the more a person has on their plate, the more they actually need to take some time to recoup their energy. By finding a little time for yourself, you will find that you have more resolve to tackle the problems and responsibilities in your life. Even when things are overwhelming, a simple long bath, time set apart to visit friends or a long needed date night with a spouse can make a world of difference.

This is also true as parents have to deal with unique or intense situations with their teens. The stress of figuring out the right way to handle things and worry over their well being can be extremely taxing. Finding resources, support, reviewing options, opening communication, balancing support and enforcing expectations can be a complicated load for a person to handle.

This article below gives some tips on how to make that time you need to recover and refocus so you can not only be true to yourself, but better able to take on the challenges you face as a parent.
Utilizing counseling is also a way to help lessen the burdens. Bacon street’s staff are able to help in this aspect. Just remember to take that special time for yourself.

Jessica Calvillo