Visualize Whirled Peas

It’s been a rough couple of months and everyone is feeling it.  We are feeling it, our kids are feeling it, our families are feeling it.

Earlier this week, one of my children, after hearing about the latest police shootings in Baton Rouge, asked me about why people were being so mean to each other.

I’m sure, if you’re a parent, you’ve had that moment where you didn’t have an answer, and wished you did.  And at that moment, I kept it pretty real with that sweet 8 year old face.  “I don’t know honey, it doesn’t make sense to me either.”

I’m reminded that as troubled as I am with the many things that are going on in the news today, our kids are also seeing the world around them, and might be struggling to understand it.  AND they don’t have the context that I do to fall back on.

So, today, I’m going to keep it real with my kids.  I’m going to tell them that sometimes bad things happen and I don’t understand them either, but part of growing up is figuring out how we can each respond individually.  With kindness, with love, with compassion.  One of my favorite quotes is by Gandhi… “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  The best part about that quote?  That WE hold the future in our hands, and it’s up to us to set a precedent for change… and by making a positive impact, even if it’s small (like doing the dishes, or cleaning their room without being asked) it’s a small step forward for kindness.  And love.  And compassion.